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Waking up from a dream. Today’s going to be an excellent day… until it isn’t. The superhero always wins. Any of the Star Wars movies… This is just a quick snapshot of the many cliches that are used in writing or film or song. I’m not going to be morally superior and say that I don’t use them myself – I do. I just try to use them as sparingly as I can.

Cliches can be a bit of a cop-out for creativity. It may get your point across, but it loses its power due to its overuse. There is always a way to say or describe something in a new and exciting way. If you still want to use cliches then go for it. They can definitely add humor to dialogue or be a significant trait of a character, but make sure you’re using them purposefully and not as an easy way to get your point across.

Here is a website that lists the most commonly used cliches:






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