The Month of Men

Hey Lovelies!

We’re now into April! As promised men are getting their own month! I will admit I’m a bit stumped on what to talk about in regards to men and literature. Plus I did that whole blog post on writing what you know and I am not a man so what do I know about men?  I do have a few ideas that I’d like to explore in regards to men. I’d like to talk about men’s bodies, and about men and homosexuality or I might just write a story and hope you guys like it. I’m also thinking about asking a good friend of mine to possibly write a post this month.

Today’s post is going to be a short, but sweet one. Men do get a lot of flack for a lot of society’s problems and I’d just like to remind everyone about some of the cool things you guys do. So here are some reasons why I think you guys are awesome:

  • You can pee standing up. It’s cool.
  • Your strength. I cannot do an actual push up to save my life nor can I lift 250lbs. Plus watching the muscles flex is nice.
  • We do have some amazing male brains out there. (Einstein, Newton, Plato, etc.)
  • How sweet you guys can be. (Picking us up tampons or buying flowers. Making goofs out of yourselves to make us feel better.)
  • For driving women nuts (in good and bad ways. We don’t want to be bored now do we.)
  • For killing spiders and getting rid of mice or whatever she’s scared of even if you don’t particularly want to do it either.
  • For being uniquely male. We wouldn’t survive without you.
  • And you come up with things like this:

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