Men and Feminism

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I’m going to admit that I did not know how to start this post off this week. Feminism can be a touchy subject for a lot of people. A lot of people, male or female or however you wish to identify, don’t like feminism. A majority of this has to do with the propaganda during the second wave of feminism. The media in the 1960/70s focuses on the radical stream of feminism – where their goal was to flip everything over so women could come out on top and that women should become Amazon Warrior-like with their physical appearances and to let their hair grow as they wanted. Most importantly it left out other gender/sexuality groups from the discussion of rights and equality. With these ideas and images placed into the media and in the forefronts of everyone’s minds, you can understand why feminism gets a bad name and that people have a lot of issues with it.

So I’m going to start you off with this:


This is what modern feminism looks like. It’s not about taking over the world so women are on top. It’s about accepting everyone and not oppressing them because of their differences.

There are different types of feminism that have different ways of dealing with women’s issues.┬áHere’s two links that you can check out. They go over the different streams and break them down nicely.

Click to access Feminist_Theoretical_Perspectives_pasque_wimmer_REV.pdf

I am not going to go on a rant about how some of my male friends refuse to associate with feminism, but are still advocating for equality. I’d rather have you watch this TED Talk video about why men’s support is needed in the feminist movement:

In the next couple weeks I will be going over how men are affected by the patriarchy and how we can help get men into the feminist world through writing. There will also be a lot more videos coming as they explain things better than I ever will be able to.

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