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We’re finishing up the month with a post about weapons. Basically this post is going to be a resource page to different types of weapons and how to use them.

I always like to start my research with a Wikipedia article. It gives me some bare bones as to what I am looking at and then I can always delve deeper from there.

So here is the Wikipedia master list of weapons. From there you can definitely delve deeper into anything that really interests you particularly in your story. This gives you an overview of the weapons. If you click the ancient weapons link on that page it’ll take you on to look at swords, spears, bow and arrows, etc. So kinda know your time periods a bit better when choosing something specific to that time period.

Get to now the weapon your character will be using. There are different types of bows that will be useful in certain situations. You’d need a recurve bow if you want to add velocity to your shot which would be handy for when hunting, for example.

Image result for recurve bow
Recurve bow used for hunting.

Know the conventions behind the weapons you use. So what are the laws surrounding the weapons are and what types of things are allowed on the battlefield. This is really important if you’re setting your time period in today’s society. If you’re placing it in the past make sure you look at the wartime rules and weapons for that time period as well.

Here are some resources about war and war time weapons used today:



This one is going to change based on where you live in the world. Some countries definitely have more lax weapon controls in place and others more strict. You’ll have to look into that particular countries rules and regulations.

Now despite all of these rules and regulations, we are writers with imaginations and we can take creative license and make up our own rules and conventions around warfare and weapons. So, let your imaginations run wild everyone!

Just remember to do your research if you’re going to use weapons already in existence. Know the damage that those weapons will do to a person, an animal and the landscape they’re being used in. Ad if you get the chance, try out archery, sword fighting, or shooting off a gun – just please pleaseplease be safe when doing so and do it with someone who knows the laws and what they’re doing. That way everyone can stay safe.

Also make sure you know what the purchasing laws are for your guns or how the black market works. The black market is definitely going to try to make sure everything is undetectable.

That’s what I have for you this week. I hope it helps. Next month I have yet to decide what I’d like to talk about, but I’m sure I’ll have a post about Christmas.

Until next week!



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Danielle Adams

Danielle Adams

Danielle Adams is a writer and editor for a local marketing agency. She has formerly worked as a writer for the Investing News Network and as an editor for Whetstone, a bi-annually published literary magazine. Aside from writing, Danielle has an unabiding love for all marine life and the outdoors. She loves taking long hikes with her husband and cooking delicious meals in the kitchen.


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