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Today, we’re going to be continuing our discussion on marketing your work, but we’re going to stay away from the social media side of things. Social media is good and all, but sometimes you need to branch out and do things in a more personal way.

Social media is great for reaching a lot of people all at once, if you manage to capture their attention. Thankfully there are other ways to gain a potential readers attention and to dazzle the dedicated readers you do have.

Here are those other ways:

  • Gain some good book reviews. Goodreads or an established literary critic is a great way to publish your book. Even getting another established author to give your books a kudos will help sell your book. (I.e.: if you’re writing a romance novel and Nora Roberts says it’s a good read then it’s going to mean a lot to a potential buyer.)
  • Email marketing. Have your readers sign up for a monthly newsletter or such. You can always let them know when you’re releasing a new book. You will always have a percentage of those people on your email list will go out and buy your book.
  • Host a launch party for your book. It creates a buzz around the release of your novel. You can add a lot of cool promotions around your book and run a few contests as well.
  • Host an Author Q&A. Readers, myself included, like to ask endless questions to authors about their upcoming books or on the book that they just published. We like to ask questions about why you did certain things or not in this book.
  • Continuing publishing new books. You’re going to want to remain in the spotlight by producing new books or stories or even teasers as you write a new novel. It keeps your readers and potential readers on the edge of their seats in anticipation for what you’re going to do next.
  • Participate in live events. There are a lot of different ones that fall under this category. These are in essence events that you go to physically.
    • Book signings.
    • Book/Writing conferences.
    • Giving a talk at a conference.
    • Participate in any panels you’re invited to.
    • Print business cards to hand out at events.
    • Contact local papers, radio stations and news stations and see if they would like to interview you.
    • Partner with other organizations about a cause that your book covers or with something that deals with literacy.
    • Speak at book clubs.
    • You can even design merchandise to go along with your book that you can sell (though this might be something to do once you have a decent following and/or a really popular book).
    • Book tours – these are not as popular anymore even with traditional publishing companies, but you can always put a spin on it and it won’t be as long.

Those are some of the big ones. I am going to leave you with a couple of resources for some other ideas on how to market your book and some resources for book marketing companies.

Here are some more marketing ideas:

Check out Publisher’s Weekly’s article here on hiring a marketing company to promote your book. As with hiring anyone to help you market and publish your book, you need to make sure you do your research and look at the fine print before you sign anything.

That’s all that I have for you today. As you can see, social media isn’t the only way you can promote your book, it’s a good foundation for you to start off with though. Don’t be afraid to try new options and to come up with new and creative ways to market your book.

So, next week on Tuesday we will be talking about writing groups and conferences. After that, I have no idea, but I will let you know when I do.

Until Tuesday!



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Danielle Adams

Danielle Adams

Danielle Adams is a writer and editor for a local marketing agency. She has formerly worked as a writer for the Investing News Network and as an editor for Whetstone, a bi-annually published literary magazine. Aside from writing, Danielle has an unabiding love for all marine life and the outdoors. She loves taking long hikes with her husband and cooking delicious meals in the kitchen.


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