Valentine’s Day: The “Roses are Red” Edition

Hey Lovelies!

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! I hope you are all having a good day today – whether you’re single or not. I did a post on Valentine’s Day last year and you can check it out still if you’d like. I did a little bit of the history on it and what to do if you’re single. This year I thought I’d share some cute, maybe not so cute, limericks with you.

Why? Well, I did this for my partner last year for Valentine’s Day and he quite enjoyed them.

Here goes the list:

Roses-Are-Red- Beautiful

roses are red zoo.jpg


Rose are red, chocolate is brown, I expect nothing and I’m still let down.

roses red what happened to you.jpg

Roses are red,
Learn something new,
Violets are violet,
Not f*cking blue.

This one is my personal favorite:

Roses are red,
Nuts are brown,
skirts go up, pants go down.
Body to body, skin to skin,
when it’s stiff, stick it in.
It goes in dry and comes out wet.
The long it’s in, the stronger it gets.
It comes out dripping and it starts to sag.
It’s not what you think; it’s a Lipton tea bag.

That’s it, that’s all! I hope you all have a great day! I also hope that you spoil yourself and/or your loved ones.

(Pssssttt! I also would love to know any other roses are red poems that you can come up with in the comments!)

Until Thursday!



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