It’s Official! I’m Moving! (and what to expect from me for the month)

Hey Lovelies!

As you’re aware I am moving out to Vancouver this month and we’ve finally figured out everything and when we officially move out. Well, I’m leaving Cow Town, aka Calgary this week on Wednesday. As such the past few days have been all about moving and packing and getting everything set up for our trip out.

I haven’t had much of a chance to write.

Which seems to be happening a lot lately, and I greatly apologize for it!

I swear I will make it up to you after this week and the move. I’ll share some photos of the grand city itself and some photos of Vancouver Island. (We can’t get into our apartment until March 11th so we’re taking a mini vacation and visiting my partner’s parents, who are out on the island on their own vacation.)

As for our regularly scheduled program, this is what the rest of the month is looking like so far:

March 5-9: this post and filler post (topic to be determined)

March 12-16: Science Fiction and Fantasy

March 17: Bonus post on St. Patrick’s Day

March 19-23: Setting and Three types of worlds (which I may split up into three posts instead of overloading you with one)

March 26-30: to be determined

That’s what the rest of the month is going to look like. I promise to keep to this schedule.

Thank you for bearing with me, as I stress out and miss self-imposed deadlines.

I’m going to set up a little post for Thursday for your viewing pleasure right now. I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Until Thursday!



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