2018 Reflections

Hey Lovelies!

I again apologize for being a lackluster blogger who has gone AWOL this year. I seriously haven’t meant to! I keep finding myself engaged with things outside of writing and a lot of this has to do with it being a year of change on my end:

  • I moved to a new city and changed residences within a span of six months.
  • I got a new job that requires me to write eight hours a day, five days a week.
  • I’ve been struggling to find my place in this new city that I call home.
  • I’ve also had some family issues pop up this year that have made me worry. It’s also been interesting trying to figure out how to be there for my family while not being in the same city/province.
  • I’ve been worrying about whether I’m a good writer or not. This hasn’t been a serious concern of mine until I started working and having to deal with the edits that come in everyday. It’s made me reflect on why I write, who I am as a writer and what I want from it.

What does this all mean? Well it means that I took a break from writing due to exhaustion and wanting to find the joy in writing again. Those doubts that I’ve had about my abilities made me hate it for a while. In hindsight, it was good break to take as it made me reflect on what I want out of my writing, not only for this job, but in my fiction and professional writing as well.

This means that I really am going to be doing my best to ensure that I am posting on here with regularity. I am going to carve out that time that I need to make sure I am writing for not just work or this blog, but for the characters that have been stuck in my head for too long.


Out of all the changes that may or may not happen for this blog. I want you to know that I am going to make sure that I am posting regularly. I am determined that I will not miss a single week and that I’m ahead of schedule, so if I do need that time off for a vacation or because I’m sick – I have it.

Overall though, I really want to thank everyone for reading this post and this blog. It always makes me happy to see people visiting my site and looking at what I’ve written. Even more liking what I’ve written enough to follow me. Your support really means a lot to me.

Finally, I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season! I know I did.

Now, here’s to a brilliant 2019! I can’t wait to get started!

Until next week!




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  1. Bless your heart. It’s like being torn between keeping your chin up while simultaneously keeping your nose down against the grindstone. I’ll pray for you. The quote by Louis L’Amour is used very well here.

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