Search Engine Optimization?

Hey, Lovelies!

I am not quite done writing our piece on writing action. So, you’re going to be stuck with this boring post that links to a couple of SEO blogs. I have covered search engine optimization (SEO) before but briefly. It’s something that I try to use all the time for my blog (and by that I mean I’m aware that I should be doing it). We also use it a lot at work. However, I don’t know much about it.

Thankfully, I know someone who does. My one co-worker is the SEO Queen. She knows, to me at least, everything that one needs to know about SEO.

Since it is one of my professional goals to learn more about SEO, I asked her for some resources on where to start learning about this thing we need to do to be successful on the internet. She suggested that I take a look at these two blogs:

I haven’t read them yet (I literally got them today), but I trust her judgment. Like I said she’s the SEO Queen. Also, I’m going to spend some time looking at SEO in more depth at a later date. It’s one of those things that you need to know.

That’s it for me today! Tune in on Saturday for the post about action!




24 thoughts on “Search Engine Optimization?

    1. It IS a lot of work. Like, the tags I use for my story on my site, give like 2 million results if you Google them. I don’t have a way to my my site stand out in to search engines, and so my story remains unknown to the world. Google offers pay proframs to get your site more exposure, but I’m not ready to go that route.


      1. It might be the types of tags you’re using. I know that we have to change the types of tags we use on some of our content on work so they rank better on Google. Also, certain tags and keywords rank differently as well. It’s a lot of work and there’s so much involved. Your tags might be a bit too broad if it’s coming up with that many results. Maybe try switching them to something more specific.

        Do you use Google Analytics at all?

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      1. Orangelunar I am new at blogging. I wanted to look at your story. The only action the system would allow was to click on your avatar picture. That took me to your profile? page which didn’t give me directions to your website.

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      2. I was able to follow you when I got a notification of your comment. I did a little experimenting a minute ago. Some avatars I clicked on had a website listed under their avatar on the profile page and some, like yours (and mine) didn’t. I’m not sure how to make a website appear on the profile page. Dangirl71 I don’t mean to clutter up your comments area.


      1. The title of your post caught my attention because I am working on a story. My blog is a fiction story.


      2. I write comics for newspapers. The story and the blog are called Alien Resort. The story is about the aliens that help me write the comics. It is actually a combination of non-fiction (I write newspaper comics) and fiction (aliens help me).

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