As Summer Turns into Fall

Hey, Lovelies!

The summer is starting to wind down for year and fall is fast approaching. That also means that I’m going to stop traveling to my parents cabin the Okanangan on the weekends. It also means that I have a blog to write and a wedding to plan.

20190824_154440 (1).jpg588379686 (1).jpg

That’s right! My partner decided to propose last month, and we’re going to be tying the knot next summer. So my apologies if I miss any blog posts in the next few months.

With that being said, I also wanted to give you a run-down on what to expect from me starting next week. We’re going to continue with our series on writing an enticing plot. We’ll be discussing subplots next. After that, I’ve got a few more plot-related posts that will take us into October.

Moving into October and November, I want to talk a bit about the spookier side of things as we explore the mystery and thriller genres. There may be some other topics thrown in there, but those are still to be determined.

Until we pick up with our writing topics, here’s an autumn joke to tide you over:

autumn joke.jpg

Until next week!



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