Why Every Writer Needs an Editorial Calendar

Hey, Lovelies! We’re going to talk about editorial calendars this week. I know a lot of you are worried about the coronavirus, but we should all take a break from the negativity and focus on the positive. Trust me, there are positives out there, especially for writers! The biggest positive for writers right now is […]

#StayHomeWriMo Day 4

Hey, Lovelies! Brought to you by the founders of NaNoWriMo, here’s day four of the #StayHomeWriMo coronavirus challenge:   Missed a day or don’t know what this is about? Check out the links below to get caught up to speed: NaNoWriMo Introduced #StayHomeWriMo #StayHomeWriMo Day 2 #StayHomeWriMo Day 3 Also, don’t forget to check out why […]