I’ve always had these little people in my head while I was growing up and they would tell me stories about their lives and the lives of the people in their worlds. They finally talked me into putting them onto my laptop. I would spend hours writing and trying to finish the novel I was attempting to write.

I ended up going to University to pursue a degree in English. This ended up with me getting involved with the Creative Writing Association (CWA) headed by Dr. Jay Gamble in my second year. It was great having such a supportive community of writers. We would meet once a week and politely tear everyone’s work apart. I learned a lot and gained valuable experience.  While I was with CWA I started on my Moments short story collection.

I’m mainly a romance genre writer, though I seem to be branching out as I explore different genres and writing styles. My goal with my writing is to publish and to change how people look at the romance genre – don’t get me started, I have a rant. Ultimately, I have always enjoyed a good story and I hope I’m giving back some of that entertainment and enjoyment with my own writing.