Heroes and Anti-Heroes

Hey Lovelies! I am so excited about this week’s post. I’ve been a big fan of heroes and anti-heroes, especially in the comic genre, since

False Protagonists

Hey Lovelies! This week we are going to be talking about false protagonists. Yay! Next week we’ll be talking about Heroes and Anti-heroes, which should


Hey Lovelies, Welcome to the warm, sunny month of July. Here is our setup for the next two months. This month is all about the


Scars is part of a larger collection of short stories I am writing. Scars gives us a glimpse into an intimate moment between a mother and her baby.

Character Development

Hey Lovelies! We’re going to do a brief overview of character development today and I think I’m going to devote the months of July and

Who’s Your Audience?

Hey Lovelies! Last week we talked about showing, not telling in your writing. This week I wanted to touch on who you’re writing for. I

Show, Don’t Tell

Hey Lovelies, I want to talk about showing and not telling while you write. There’s a big difference between these two ways of writing. One

The Big Moments

Hey Lovelies, It’s June. We’re halfway through another year! It’s insane! This month is a big month for me as it’s my birthday at the

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