Social Media and Writers

Hey Lovelies! We’re going to shift our focus from publishing this week to what comes after your book has been published. Depending on your publishing

Finding an Editor

Hey Lovelies! So we talked about literary agents earlier this week and now we’re going to be editors – not editing. Editors are fantastic and

Literary Agents

Hey Lovelies! we’re continuing with our after the writing is done theme. We just got finished with the two types of publishing and today we’re

Writing a Great Query Letter

Hey Lovelies! We’re talking about query letters today. Most places you’ll send your manuscript to will ask for one of these letters. So, what is

Copyright Laws

Hey Lovelies! Welcome to the year 2018! I hope everyone had a fantastic celebration the night before last and that the hang overs weren’t too


Hey Lovelies! We’re finishing up the month with a post about weapons. Basically this post is going to be a resource page to different types

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