Show, Don’t Tell

Hey Lovelies, I want to talk about showing and not telling while you write. There’s a big difference between these two ways of writing. One is going to be more engaging and entertaining and the other… not so much.¬†You’re going to want to leave a bit of your story to the readers imagination. I find … More Show, Don’t Tell

The Big Moments

Hey Lovelies, It’s June. We’re halfway through another year! It’s insane! This month is a big month for me as it’s my birthday at the end of the month plus I get to celebrate an anniversary that I didn’t think that I would ever be celebrating. I have a lot of friends graduating from university … More The Big Moments


Hey Lovelies, I want to talk about age this week. I’ve noticed that most books have very young characters in them. We don’t see a lot of attention being given to older characters, whether they are the main characters or not, in the romance genre especially. We typically see younger people – mostly in their … More Age


Hey Lovelies, Well hopefully we’re past those April showers and can look forward to the May flowers. Welcome to the month of May! This month I decided not to go with a theme so bear with the random posts. That being said, here’s the first bit of random you can expect from this month. I’m … More Hockey

Men’s Bodies

Hey Lovelies, This week we’re talking about men’s bodies. Again this is something we don’t see in a lot of mainstream media as we’re more focused on female body issues instead of male body issues. I don’t think this is right and that it’s an issue that should be addressed sooner rather than later. Men, … More Men’s Bodies

Male Stereotypes

Hey Lovelies, Last week we talked a little bit about men and feminism and why it is beneficial for men. We’re going to touch on a bit more of that. I want to start this week off with a video that I watched in my first year sociology class at university when we started talking … More Male Stereotypes