Hey Lovelies! We’re finishing up the month with a post about weapons. Basically this post is going to be a resource page to different types of weapons and how to use them. I always like to start my research with a Wikipedia article. It gives me some bare bones as to what I am looking … More Weapons

War in Literature

Hey Lovelies! We’re talking about war this month – excluding my Day of the Dead post. Today, we’re going to talk about war in literature. I know I can a little cynical with a lot of the literature that is out there that glorify war – so I apologize in advance if that grates on … More War in Literature

Remembrance Day

Hey Lovelies! I wanted to pay my respects for those who have fought in wars – past and present. I have been fortunate enough to live in a time and country of peace. I don’t have to face what millions of others have. I haven’t been personally touched by war or genocide or terror. I … More Remembrance Day


Knock-knock-knock. Ding-dong. “Trick-or-treat!” is yelled through the wooden door. The woman on the other side takes a deep breath before smiling an evil smile that doesn’t touch her eyes as her cheeks bunch up. She grabs the door knob and slowly turns it, making it creak. She flings the door wide open, startling the kids … More Tricks