Hey Lovelies! We’re talking about villains this week and we’re going to looking at super villains next week. After that we’re just going to take a look at foils and the different types of characters you can find in literature. So just when you thought you’d be done with characters they’re going to keep going. … More Villains

False Antagonists

Hey Lovelies! Today, we’re talking about false antagonists, which are pretty similar to false protagonists. Without further preamble, let’s get into it. Let’s start off with a definition (as per usual): False Antagonist: is a character who seems to be the bad guy, but either disappears or turns out that they are the protagonist of … More False Antagonists


Hey Lovelies! We’re going to talk about antagonists today. Before we get to that, I’d like to just explain last week a bit. I got a new job and was called in for my first day of work unexpectedly and on the same day I have been writing my blog posts. It threw my entire … More Antagonists!

Life Gets in the Way

Hey Lovelies! As the title states life gets in the way and I was not able to write my post for the week. It was going to be about antagonists and you will get that post – just on Tuesday next week. Mark it in your calendars! Tuesday August 8th! Until Tuesday! Cheers, Danielle


Hey Lovelies! We talked about the heroes and the anti-heroes last week. This week we’re going to talk about the best of the best: the superheroes. Yay! Superheroes are usually found in comics and movies predominately. That doesn’t mean that they can’t be translated into works of fiction in words only. As I am a … More Superheroes

Heroes and Anti-Heroes

Hey Lovelies! I am so excited about this week’s post. I’ve been a big fan of heroes and anti-heroes, especially in the comic genre, since university. It was nicely explained there and I got exposed to more literature that housed anti-heroes. Okay, I mostly am in love with them anti-heroes. They’re awesome. Anyways, I am … More Heroes and Anti-Heroes

False Protagonists

Hey Lovelies! This week we are going to be talking about false protagonists. Yay! Next week we’ll be talking about Heroes and Anti-heroes, which should be very fun. What is a false protagonist? A False Protagonist is a character that is made out to be the protagonist, but is later revealed not to be. The … More False Protagonists


Hey Lovelies, Welcome to the warm, sunny month of July. Here is our setup for the next two months. This month is all about the protagonist and the good guys. Next month will be all about those pesky antagonists and bad guys. If you’re completely confused as to what those two terms mean then please … More Protagonists!

Fiction Time

Hey Lovelies,  Here is that fiction piece I promised last week. I hope everyone has a fantastic next couple of days and for those of you in Canada an awesome long weekend. This is a piece of fiction I wrote during University and is part of a larger collection of short stories featuring the same … More Fiction Time

Character Development

Hey Lovelies! We’re going to do a brief overview of character development today and I think I’m going to devote the months of July and August on creating amazing, dynamic characters that your readers will fall in love with. Forewarning, this is going to be a really long post. I am going over a lot … More Character Development