How Networking Can Help Writers Succeed

Hey, Lovelies! True or false: Our success as writers is not solely dependent on our ability to write. Whether you want to admit it or not, that statement is true. We need to form relationships in the publishing world to increase our chances of success. No one, and I mean no one, has not needed […]

The Fundamentals of Good Content

Writing good content is essential to driving your success as a writer. Not only does it help boost your search engine optimization (SEO), it helps you get noticed. And that’s what we want – to get noticed. There are loads of blogs out there and courses you can take to help you write fantastic content. […]

How Authors Can Use SEO to Optimize Their Websites

What good is it for any of us to write all these amazing stories and poems when none of it gets seen? Most of us are writing and creating all these beautiful characters and imagery so we can share it with others. And it is so frustrating when we only get one or two likes […]

Why Every Writer Needs an Editorial Calendar

Hey, Lovelies! We’re going to talk about editorial calendars this week. I know a lot of you are worried about the coronavirus, but we should all take a break from the negativity and focus on the positive. Trust me, there are positives out there, especially for writers! The biggest positive for writers right now is […]

How Writers Can Combat Imposter Syndrome

Hey, Lovelies! Since we have some time to reflect and work on our writing due to the coronavirus, I figured we should look at ways to get around feeling like an imposter. To that aim, we’re all going to feel like frauds for a bit as we explore imposter syndrome. It’s not fun feeling inadequate […]

The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback

Hey, Lovelies! I want to talk about giving and receiving feedback today. It is something that writers have to live with on a daily basis and from a variety of sources. We get it from our editors, clients, friends, family, and complete strangers. I also know that whenever the word feedback gets thrown around, we […]

Freelance Writing

Hey Lovelies! Welcome to another scintillating installment of my blog, where we will be talking about freelance writing. Should I have probably put this before my post on Ghostwriting? Probably. Oh well, too late now, so you’re stuck with me doing this a bit out of order. What is freelance writing? Is when you can […]


Hey Lovelies! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I know mine was snowy and work filled, for the most part – you have to love retail. Today, we’re going to be looking at ghost writing. On Thursday, we’ll be talking about freelance writing. Let’s dive on in, shall we? What is ghostwriting? I can […]

Writing Groups and Conferences

Hey Lovelies! Today, we’re talking about writing groups and conferences. I haven’t been to any writing conferences personally, but I have participated in a couple online ones. They were okay. I definitely would love to go to one that I can attend in person. Writing groups, on the other hand, I have a lot more […]

Other Marketing Avenues

Hey Lovelies! Today, we’re going to be continuing our discussion on marketing your work, but we’re going to stay away from the social media side of things. Social media is good and all, but sometimes you need to branch out and do things in a more personal way. Social media is great for reaching a […]