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Hey, Lovelies! Happy New Year! I hope that everyone had a fun and safe celebration last night. I know the fiance, and I kept a low profile. A fancy home-cooked meal, champagne, and Netflix. We got to watch some of the Kitsilano fireworks from our apartment. I was a little surprised that there wasn’t a […]

What Writers Can Learn from Season 8 of Game of Thrones

Hey, Lovelies! Before we go any further, this post will contain spoiler alerts for anyone who has not seen season eight of Game of Thrones. If you care about the outcome of the show, please do not go any farther than this. If you don’t care, please proceed. Also, there are some spoiler alerts for […]


Hey, Lovelies! Things have been hectic on my end at work, which has led to me to passing out early and leaving my writing for this blog for another day.  So thank you for the patience, yet again. We’re finally going to talk about pace today. Let’s start off with our definition of pace: Pace: is […]

The Suspense is Killing Me: Writing Suspense

Hey, Lovelies! I hope you didn’t hate me too much for the little joke yesterday. I couldn’t help myself. It was just too perfect and cute. Today we’re actually going to be talking about suspense. I’m going to relying on a bit of help from the internet and other great blogging minds as I am […]

Lights, Camera, Action: Getting Your Characters Moving

Hey, Lovelies! I’m sorry about the confusion yesterday when I took this off my site. I completely forgot to reschedule it’s posting date/time. I’ve also been parked in the procrastination station for most of the week, which doesn’t help matters. Anywho, I’ve made the changes that I wanted to make. As we all know, we’re […]

Adverbs: Friend or Foe?

Hey, Lovelies! This week we’re going to be talking about those nasty adverbs we’ve all heard about at one point or another. Some famous writers *cough cough* Stephen King *cough cough* think that they’re the devil and should never be used unless absolutely necessary. I also use them a lot in my own writing and […]

What You Need to Know About Combining Dialogue and Action

Hey, Lovelies! Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you enjoyed the Valentine’s Day post from earlier today. I had fun looking at and listening to all the poetry. However, we’re not here to talk about that. We’re here to talk about adding action to our dialogue. Let’s dive in! 

What You Need to Know About Texting and Writing

Hey, Lovelies! This week we’re going to be talking about texting and writing. I’ve noticed that in recent years that more books are incorporating texting into their stories. I can’t blame them as texting is everywhere and used by a large number of people. As a response to this phenomenon, we’re going to be looking […]

Just Spit It Out: Writing Dialogue

Hey, Lovelies! And by Thursday, I meant Saturday. My bad! 😛 We’re still talking about talking dialogue this week! This time around it won’t be inside of our character’s heads and let them talk to someone else. We’re going to be exploring how much talk is too much, formatting and effective dialogue. Let’s start with […]

Formatting Internal Dialogue

Hey Lovelies, As promised I was going to touch on formatting inner dialogue at some point, so guess what we’re talking about today! It’s going to be a shorter post, but I wanted to delve into this separately because it’s important and shouldn’t be overlooked — even accidentally. So let’s dive right into. There are […]