The Ultimate Guide to Plot (Part 2): Subplots

Hey, Lovelies! I hope everyone is doing well! I have to say I am kinda excited that it’s Friday the 13th tomorrow. The superstitious stuff is always interesting and entertaining. For those of you who do take things a bit more seriously, here’s an article by the Farmer’s Almanac on how to improve your luck. […]

The Ultimate Guide to Plot (Part 1): The Basics

Hey, Lovelies! As mentioned in my Game of Thrones post from last week, I will be talking about plot today. I’m still in shock that I haven’t covered this topic yet. I will be breaking our discussion of plot down into a few different posts, starting with a beginner’s guide to plot and then delving into […]

Just Spit It Out: Writing Dialogue

Hey, Lovelies! And by Thursday, I meant Saturday. My bad! 😛 We’re still talking about talking dialogue this week! This time around it won’t be inside of our character’s heads and let them talk to someone else. We’re going to be exploring how much talk is too much, formatting and effective dialogue. Let’s start with […]

Formatting Internal Dialogue

Hey Lovelies, As promised I was going to touch on formatting inner dialogue at some point, so guess what we’re talking about today! It’s going to be a shorter post, but I wanted to delve into this separately because it’s important and shouldn’t be overlooked — even accidentally. So let’s dive right into. There are […]

Writing Internal Dialogue

Hey Lovelies! Where the heck has the time gone! I would’ve sworn it was New Year’s Day yesterday. Is anyone else feeling this way? Any who, welcome to this week’s post on internal dialogue. Now, this is an interesting post for me because I always feel very awkward writing the thoughts in someone else’s head. […]

Third Person

Hey Lovelies! Drum roll please! I will finally, without much more fan fare and false promises to post it,  be talking about the third person POV. After that, I wanted to talk about writing internal dialogue. Let’s dive into third person POV, with that definition: Third person: The third-person point of view belongs to the person […]

Second Person

Hey Lovelies! We’re back this week with the second person POV. We’re going to take a look at this, it’s going to be a little on short side as there’s not a lot out there about using this POV and I will admit I’ve never tried to use it before. Let’s just dive right in […]

First Person

Hey Lovelies! As promised I’ve composed a couple blog posts ahead of time to make sure I’m getting some content up and out there for you guys. I know it feels like we’ve been talking about POV and voice, but I promise you it’s going to come to an end soon. 🙂 Now, onto our […]

Point of View

Hey, Lovelies! Today, we’re going to talk about point of view. Then we’re going to be getting into first, second, and third person and we’ll wrap it all up with how to write internal monologues for our characters. This post is going to be more of an overview of what POV is and why it’s […]

Active Voice vs Passive Voice

Hey Lovelies! I hope that everyone has been having a good week so far, if not then I guess the weekend just can’t come soon enough, eh? Anyways, today we’re going to be talking about active and passive voice. This is a grammatical lesson essentially, but an important one. I have divided them up into […]