Everything Writers Need to Know About Foreshadowing

Hey, Lovelies! How’s the post-apocalypse treating you so far? I know worldbuilding is a fun but intense process. We covered prophecies last week, but I wanted to touch on a similar topic today. Mostly, I wanted to follow up on a point I made in my post last week: that prophecies and foreshadowing are not […]

Literary Devices: Personification

Hey Lovelies! Happy Thursday to you all! I hope everyone’s week has been going well so far and that you have some fun plans for the weekend. Today we’ll be talking about personification and then I swear we won’t be talking about really closely related literary devices for a while. In fact, this one will […]

Literary Devices: Anthropomorphism

Hey Lovelies! I hope everyone’s weekend went well! I know I had a blast on mine. I had the entire weekend off and got to spend it exploring with my partner. This doesn’t happen very often as I usually have to work the weekend. Enough with the personal stuff though! We’re here to talk about […]

Literary Devices: Pathetic Fallacy

Hey Lovelies! I want to talk about more setting stuff this month, or at least for a week or two. Why? It does tie into world building a little bit and I wanted to expand on some of the ideas I posed in the previous post on setting. SO, we’re going to kick start this […]