War in Literature

Hey Lovelies! We’re talking about war this month – excluding my Day of the Dead post. Today, we’re going to talk about war in literature. I know I can a little cynical with a lot of the literature that is out there that glorify war – so I apologize in advance if that grates on […]

Show, Don’t Tell

Hey Lovelies, I want to talk about showing and not telling while you write. There’s a big difference between these two ways of writing. One is going to be more engaging and entertaining and the other… not so much. You’re going to want to leave a bit of your story to the readers imagination. I find […]

Abusive Relationships in Literature

Hey Lovelies, We’re going to talk about abuse. Just as a warning to anyone reading this post, it may cause triggers if you have been abused. I just want you to know that you are not alone and a strong individual and that if you need help to please contact one of your local hotlines […]

Relationship Expectations

Hey Lovelies, This week I want to talk about relationship expectations in literature. A lot of the time we follow a basic formula of boy meets girl, they like each other and then things go from there. Sometimes the boy is more into the relationship and making it work than the girl or vice versa. […]

Men’s Bodies

Hey Lovelies, This week we’re talking about men’s bodies. Again this is something we don’t see in a lot of mainstream media as we’re more focused on female body issues instead of male body issues. I don’t think this is right and that it’s an issue that should be addressed sooner rather than later. Men, […]

Male Stereotypes

Hey Lovelies, Last week we talked a little bit about men and feminism and why it is beneficial for men. We’re going to touch on a bit more of that. I want to start this week off with a video that I watched in my first year sociology class at university when we started talking […]

Women’s Bodies

Hey Lovelies! I’m sure you all consume some sort of media, whether on the TV or the internet and I’m sure you haven’t missed the messages calling for change in how we display and talk about women’s bodies. There seems to be something about this every single day especially on the harmful effects it has on […]

The Fallen Woman

Hey Lovelies, We talked about the Angel of the House or the perfect woman two weeks ago and this week we’re going to talk about the other side of that extreme. We’re going to talk about the Fallen Woman or the slut/whore. Our lives, of course, are binaries. We have to have contradictions so we […]

The Gender Gap in Literature

Hey Lovelies! I came across a Buzzfeed article this week that got me thinking. In the article it was talking about the gender gap in literature. Women are not as published as much as men are. “Wait, what?” some of you may be thinking. “You’ve seen the romance section at your local bookstore right? It’s […]

The Angel of the House

Hey Lovelies! We’re talking about women. One archetype I want to talk about originated in England during the reign of Queen Victoria (r. 1837-1901). There’s a lot of different things to talk about leading up to the archetype and I’m going to give you the brief summation of events that contributed to this archetype. Important […]