Show, Don’t Tell

Hey Lovelies, I want to talk about showing and not telling while you write. There’s a big difference between these two ways of writing. One is going to be more engaging and entertaining and the other… not so much.¬†You’re going to want to leave a bit of your story to the readers imagination. I find … More Show, Don’t Tell

The Big Moments

Hey Lovelies, It’s June. We’re halfway through another year! It’s insane! This month is a big month for me as it’s my birthday at the end of the month plus I get to celebrate an anniversary that I didn’t think that I would ever be celebrating. I have a lot of friends graduating from university … More The Big Moments

The Romance Genre

Hey Lovelies, We are now in February. This month I’d like to write about the topic of romance and love (I know February and love is such a cliche, especially since we just finished talking about them). Well, it’s not going to start off with hearts and rainbows. I have a rant about the genre … More The Romance Genre