#StayHomeWriMo Day 5

Hey, Lovelies! Happy Friday! Brought to you by the founders of NaNoWriMo, here’s day five of the #StayHomeWriMo coronavirus challenge: Missed a day or don’t know what this is about? Check out the links below to get caught up to speed: NaNoWriMo Introduced #StayHomeWriMo #StayHomeWriMo Day 2 #StayHomeWriMo Day 3 #StayHomeWriMo Day 4 This is it … More #StayHomeWriMo Day 5

31 Publishing Opportunities with Geographic Restrictions

Hey, Lovelies! I don’t just have one publishing opportunity for you, but 31. Here’s the catch, these publishers are only looking for submissions from authors in specific regions or countries. I found the opportunity on Authors Publish’s website. They have listed opportunities in the US, Canada, and Australia/New Zealand areas. Authors Publish cautions that not … More 31 Publishing Opportunities with Geographic Restrictions

Publishing Opportunity: Analog Science Fiction and Fact

Hey, Lovelies! I thought I’d pass along a publishing opportunity for any aspiring science fiction writers out there. Established in 1930, Analog Science Fiction and Fact is a bimonthly magazine of science fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. It is published by Dell Magazines, which also publishes genre magazines Asimov’s Science Fiction, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, and Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. In … More Publishing Opportunity: Analog Science Fiction and Fact

Finding an Editor

Hey Lovelies! So we talked about literary agents earlier this week and now we’re going to be editors – not editing. Editors are fantastic and you can find them in just about any field you enter into. They make sure that your written word, pictures, videos, etc. look like the sparkling gems that they are. … More Finding an Editor

Literary Agents

Hey Lovelies! we’re continuing with our after the writing is done theme. We just got finished with the two types of publishing and today we’re going to be talking about literary agents. We’ll be discussing what they do and the pros and cons of soliciting them for help. The Function of a Literary Agent Literary … More Literary Agents


Hey Lovelies! We’re talking about the counter publishing option to traditional publishing – self-publishing. Now, contrary to popular belief, self-publishing isn’t a new phenomenon and has been around for quite a long time. Walt Whitman is a famous example of a self-publisher. His poetry collection, Leaves of Grass, was not “publishable” material for the time … More Self-Publishing

Traditional Publishing

Hey Lovelies! As I promised in December 2017 and last week on Thursday, we will be taking about traditional publishing. Some of the things I want to cover are the benefits and drawbacks to it and then also some of the processes involved in submitting your manuscript through traditional publishing means. I’m sure everyone here … More Traditional Publishing