46 Literary Journals and Magazines Open to Genre Work

As it says in the name, literary journals and magazines typically publish literary work, not genre pieces. So if you are writing something similar to a specific form, style, or subject matter, your publishing opportunities can be limited. And this all comes down to the fact that most presses don’t believe that genre work has any literary […]

25 Publishers that Accept Science Fiction or Fantasy Novels

Hey, Lovelies! I’ve got another publishing opportunity for all of you science fiction and fantasy novelists out there. The only difference about this list is that not all of them are currently accepting submissions, but I wanted to share them with you so you can keep an eye for when they do want some fresh […]

A Writer’s Survival Guide to the Post-Apocalyptic World

Hey, Lovelies! Phew! We got through the apocalypse! Now, what do we do? That’s going to be the focus of today’s post. Getting through that post-apocalyptic world. So get out your compass, we’re going to get straight to exploring. Post-Apocalyptic Worlds Post-Apocalyptic Fiction: a subgenre of science fiction and/or fantasy that takes place after the end […]

Publishing Opportunity: Analog Science Fiction and Fact

Hey, Lovelies! I thought I’d pass along a publishing opportunity for any aspiring science fiction writers out there. Established in 1930, Analog Science Fiction and Fact is a bimonthly magazine of science fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. It is published by Dell Magazines, which also publishes genre magazines Asimov’s Science Fiction, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, and Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. In […]

Science Fiction as a Genre

Hey Lovelies! I hope all is going well! Today, as promised, we’re going to be talking about science fiction as a genre. I swear this has to do with world building. I wanted to separate science fiction from fantasy as there are some subtle differences between the two genres, even though they are, in a […]