Issue Two of The Sunshine Review is Now Available

Hey, Everyone! I hope the start of summer is treating you well and is full of sunshine! My literary magazine, The Sunshine Review, has officially launched its second issue today! Issue two features work by: Melissa Ferrer (IG: @mamma_orso7 | Twitter: @melissafpoet | FB: | Website:⁠ Katie Goldblatt (IG & Twitter: @coalescingchaos | FB: @coalescingchaoswrites) | Website: www.⁠ Sabiha Musa (IG: @sabihawritespoetry)⁠ ⁠Sean […]

How to Write a Great Short Story

A great story has the power to captivate and move us. Some of my favorite tales have come in the form of a short story. They’re easy to read and often pack the biggest punch due to their simplicity. Short stories are also a highly respected form in the literary world. Many writers, like Sylvia […]

5 Essential Short Story Elements You’re Missing

By its definition, the short story is supposed to be, well, short. And because it is a concisely written tale, it’s less complex than a novel. Unlike novels, your tale will usually focus on only one incident, plot point, and setting. It will also feature a small cast of characters that are only present for […]