Issue Two of The Sunshine Review is Now Available

Hey, Everyone! I hope the start of summer is treating you well and is full of sunshine! My literary magazine, The Sunshine Review, has officially launched its second issue today! Issue two features work by: Melissa Ferrer (IG: @mamma_orso7 | Twitter: @melissafpoet | FB: | Website:⁠ Katie Goldblatt (IG & Twitter: @coalescingchaos | FB: @coalescingchaoswrites) | Website: www.⁠ Sabiha Musa (IG: @sabihawritespoetry)⁠ ⁠Sean […]

The Sunshine Review is Seeking Submissions for Issue 2

***Please note, there has been an uptick in publishers that are not accepting unagented submissions. Too many presses and publishers are getting mass submissions that do not fit their catalogs. DO NOT submit your work if it doesn’t fit the publisher’s guidelines.

Issue One of The Sunshine Review is Now Available

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! I hope that you’re cuddled up with a special someone today to relax and bask in the knowledge that there are no expectations to go out this year. Not that going out is bad per se, but staying in can be a lot of fun too! And if you’re bummed out […]